Turn everything into egg!

your input language: eggify output language:

How to use eggify:

  1. have something to eggify (English input only, for now)
  2. copy that and paste it into the text box above, or type it in there, NO EMOJIS PLEASE, please paste tab characters
  3. press the [ eggify! ] button
  4. use the [ copy eggified text ] button and paste the eggified text where you want to post it
  5. use the [ copy link to original text ] button and share that along with your eggified text for people who don't speak fluent egg

What does eggify do?

When you have any non-egg (eggn't) content to share with a "only allowed to say egg" community, like a funny story or joke, sharing it just as it is will result in you getting removed from the community! That is where eggify swoops in to save the day, by helping you turn all of your words into "egg"! Now your story or joke or whatever is safe to share. A link is also provided, for friends who are in these communities but do not speak fluent egg, to view the original input. As a bonus, any digit in your input is replaced by "0" to make the output more egg-like.